Michael Rapaport Compares Kenya Moore To A Gorilla!

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Michael Rapaport waited until after the Watch What Happens Live cameras were off to say what he really wanted to say to Kenya Moore.

Michael Rapaport’s comments about Kenya’s dry skin were a little shady, but not as out right racist as what he posted on his Insta-story before WWHL even started filming.

Blogger Fameolus caught Michael Rapaport posting a picture of a gorilla on his insta-story beside a picture of Kenya Moore.  Obviously, trying to compare Kenya to a gorilla!

This just went from a little hit below the belt, to outright racism if you ask me.  TheRoot.com reports,

[Michael Rapaport’s] timeline is filled with him feuding with black women and calling them out of their name, because that what he finds hilarious. Michael Rapaport believes years of proximity to black culture gives him the right to say whatever he wants about black people. In his mind, he’s immune to being called out because… some of his best films are black. He’s the kind of person who says the n-word around his friends because they know “what kind of person” he is.  That kind of person is a racist.

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