Tamar Braxton “Forgets” Her FIRST Husband, When Apologizing To Her Sisters For Divorce Comments

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On Thursday night’s season premiere of Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton apologized to his sisters for being insensitive to them when they were going through their divorces.  If you recall, she shouted when Trina announced when she was getting a divorce.  And she also celebrated Towanda getting divorced.  And she was insensitive to Toni as well when she told her that her husband wanted to live off her.

They flashed back to that scene at the table where Tamar read each of her sisters husbands one by one.  And surprisingly, Tamar apologized for being insensitive.  But personally, I felt the way she apologized was a little misleading.

Tamar said she didn’t know how it felt (as in divorce) until she had to go through it herself.  Which was odd of her to say considering she has been divorced before.  Vincent Herbert is Tamar’s SECOND husband, not her first.  Tamar was married in 2001 to Darrell “Deelite” Allamby, and divorced him in 2003.  Deelite was a music producer that she met while working on her first album, which was called Tamar.  He produced two of the tracks on that album, and was also married to Tamar for 2 years, until they divorced in 2003.

So when Tamar apologized to her sisters and said she didn’t know how it felt until she went through it herself, it’s no wonder they all looked shocked, especially Trina.  Look at Trina’s face while Tamar is apologizing.

And even though Traci Braxton has never been divorced, she was the main one pressing Tamar about her comments about each of the sisters husbands.

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Then Tamar stresses AGAIN that she made those rude comments to her sisters about their husbands because she had never been through it.  And you can tell by the look on Trina’s face that she is still confused.

I think it’s very strange that Tamar would say that she was so insensitive about her sisters divorces because she had never been there herself, when in fact she had!  Tamar got divorced in 2003, which was way before Toni’s divorce, definitely before Towanda’s divorce, and possibly before Trina’s first divorce too.

But I don’t want to say she was lying in her apology, because I think Tamar is better than that.  I’m going to assume she meant she had never gone through a divorce WITH kids, or maybe a divorce IN PUBLIC.  But still, it seemed that Trina and possibly Toni and Traci too, thought it was odd that she would say that she was insensitive about their divorces because she had never been through it herself, when in fact, she had.



4 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton “Forgets” Her FIRST Husband, When Apologizing To Her Sisters For Divorce Comments

  • November 10, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    I love Braxton family value even though they argue they still love each other and I’m keep loving there show I love when Tamar be saying You Tried Me that her favorite thing to say I would love to meet all the Braxton sister and In Mrs.Evelyn.

  • November 10, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    I’m am so sorry that Tamar divorce wen’t public I watch season 6 in you can see she was very hurt I just hope on the next episode 3 she come out more she is to beautiful to be hiding we don’t know what Tamar been through so nobody got no right to talk about her divorce I will be praying for u Tamar that u will be ok you the best part of the Braxton family value it boring when we don’t see u that much don’t work yourself over what your sister have to say just answers there question but not in a mean way I love your sister to but sometime they words just have to stay to there self. Can I get a reply for who ever see this in give your opinion not negative but positive comments only thank you.

  • September 16, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Tamar praying for you.Know Logan needs you get better.Being a mother and been through divorce.Things feel hard in the beginning.Let God take over and you see your life change.I love you and family.Watch your shows alot.Life teaches us alot.We must heal before going in another relationship.It been months and still healing.The love of yourself first.Find out who you really are.God set you free from the abuse.Also set me free from my abuse.Love you sister sharing your pain to women.We must lift up each other women.Really be there for our friends that need help.

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