The Last Days of Craig Mack – Church Controversy, Health Issues & Not So Shocking Allegations

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Before I get started, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Craig Mack.  May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Craig Mack was best known for his hit “Flava in Ya Ear” back in 1994.  And he was an integral part of the foundation of Bad Boy records.

Sadly, Craig Mack passed away last night, according to media accounts, at the age of 46.  The cause of his death is being reported as heart failure. And many are saying that he did not seek treatment for his heart problems due to his involvement in what many call a cult.

Craig Mack reportedly joined The Overcomer Ministry, located in Walterboro, SC, around 2012 and lived on the church compound until his untimely death.  The Overcomer Ministry brochure describes it’s compound as:

[a] location that about 70 saints – families, single brothers and sisters live in common unity. We have all come to join together in the preparing for the soon coming of Jesus and to be set apart from the world to be able to live a sanctified life. We live in community homes of mobile trailers for each family or accommodations for brothers or sisters with common baths and common eating, all seeking to live together in love for God and each other. We do not go anywhere as we need not do so. We work the farm and have our school and with the simple life; we need very little that the world offers.

As stated, members of this church live on the grounds of the church and do not go anywhere, not even for medical treatment.  Their brochure clearly states

 We go nowhere, no shopping, or trips to see what have you. Your life will be here on the farm until Jesus comes.

Members of the church were allowed to quit the church and re-join their regular life if they chose to do so.  They were not being held hostage physically.  Mentally, they each may have had their own reasons that kept them there.  But it any case, it seems that Craig Mack chose to live his life right there until his dying days.

The church was led by Ralph Gordon Stair, who you just saw in the video.  He was considered a prophet by many of the members, including Craig Mack, who referred to him as a prophet on camera.

However, the church leader, Ralph Gordon Stair, who was 84, was actually not living a Holy life as he professed.  He was arrested in December 2017 – and charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, one count of assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, one count of kidnapping, one count of burglary in the first degree, one count of second-degree assault and one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

[link in the description box to news report of the allegations against him]

So it APPEARS, that Craig Mack lived on the church grounds from at least 2012 to his last days – and chose not to leave the church grounds to seek treatment from his heart problems.  And it has not been reported if Craig Mack was even aware that he had heart problems.

But, again, I pray that his soul rests in peace.



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