Mariah & Mama Lucy GO IN On Dr Heavenly, Quad & Dr Jackie! Live After Married to Medicine Reunion

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0:45 Mama Lucy starts going off on Dr Heavenly & Dr Jackie
6:40 Mariah says she needs a new cast-mate for more support on her side
7:15 Mariah addresses Heavenly drawing on her poster
8:30 Lake thinks Heavenly is going to cut Mariah
9:30 Mariah says Contessa might be a flip flopper
11:30 Mariah calls Heavenly a bully and reveals the real reason Heavenly doesn’t like her
14:30 Mama Lucy says the other ladies have teamed up against Mariah
15:00 Quad’s “symposium” comment addressed and more shade
20:00 Mariah analyzes each cast mates fashions from the Married to Medicine reunion
26:00 Mariah says Dr Heavenly was giving “fat shoulders” tease

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