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Wendy Williams Hints Sherri Shepherd Is Not Pretty Enough To Host A Show, Says “America Needs A Visual”

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This is ludicrous to me.  Wendy Williams had the nerve to shade Sherri Shepherd for her looks! On today’s episode Wendy actually said she would consider Sherri Shepherd as a possible new host of America’s Got Talent, except for the fact that America needs “a visual”.  So she basically implied that Sherri Shepherd is not attractive enough to host a TV show.

Now I don’t want to judge either one of these ladies on their looks.  But if Wendy is attractive enough to host a show, then Sherri Shepherd definitely is too.

And it’s so strange to hear Wendy talk about Sherri’s looks, when Wendy Williams has had surgery to have the same body shape that Sherri naturally has.

Why Wendy?! Why??????


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One thought on “Wendy Williams Hints Sherri Shepherd Is Not Pretty Enough To Host A Show, Says “America Needs A Visual”

  • Penny

    Wendy williams has bugg eyes. Fat leggs. Puffy eyes and. Googly eye balls. And think she cute. Sheri sheaprd ugly but wendy is too. Pot calling the kettle black. Wendy show should been cancelled after all that drama with kevin. Kevin neva wanted her shes ugly. For one big mouth ghetto and try to wera blond hair. To attract white viewrs

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