Bill Cosby Allegedly Filming New Reality Show

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Bill Cosby is reportedly filming a reality show to raise money to pay his legal bills and repair his broken image.  Radar Online is reporting show that he was recently caught filming at Ristorante La Veranda in Philadelphia with a full camera crew in tow.

“The restaurant was closed, but some folks were hired to pretend they were customers and tell Bill how much they love him on camera,” an insider revealed.

The comedian has blown most of his $500 million fortune and is hoping the reality show will raise enough money to pay off his high powered attorneys who helped get him off in his first trial.  And he hopes it helps pay the legal bills for the coming cases filed by a slew of other females.

“Bill’s situation is frightening. He’s shelling out a small fortune to save himself from jail, but he can’t afford to pay much longer,” a source said.

“It was designed to help people, including potential jurors, to see Mr. Cosby as just another guy from Philly,” the source said.

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