Peter Gunz Responds To Amina Filing For A “Online Divorce”

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Apparently, you don’t have to go to court to get divorced anymore.  Online Divorce is a more affordable, much faster, and easier option for couples seeking an uncontested divorce.”

Peter Pankey bka Peter Gunz took to Instagram live this morning to react to the news that Amina Buddafly has filed for divorce from him.

He says they are doing an “online”, uncontested divorce.  And that he has wanted this for years.

He also mentioned that she wanted to keep his last name so that her and the kids would all have the same last name.  He reasoned that since his last name is just a slave last name anyway, that he’s fine with her keeping it.

In the video he makes no mention of getting back with Tara, which is what many people were suggesting in his comments.

Do you think Tara will take him back?