Loni Love Breaks Down On The Real “If I Was To Take Off My Wig You Would Laugh”

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Poor Loni.  She broke down in tears on “The Real” today when discussing how harshly women criticize other women.  She even went as far as to say, “If I was to take my wig off you would laugh at me”.

Normally, I would have been crying right along with Loni being that I’m also a pretty emotional person.  But this particular comment she made actually left me confused.

What is there to laugh at?

I’ve seen Loni Love’s real hair.  Her real, natural hair.  Once when she showed it in a blowout on Instagram.  And another time when she showed it in an afro.  And neither picture looked funny to me.

However, I have seen her dragged for her looks on Twitter when she made that infamous Facebook video claiming that she didn’t know anything about Tamar getting fired from The Real.  I chose not to include those ugly comments in this video, but I’m sure you either can remember or you can imagine the things people said when they saw her with no makeup and her hair not styled.

But I feel like if she styled her real hair, and presented as beautiful to the world, then the world would think it’s beautiful too!  Maybe not everybody, but a lot of people would love it!

If you agree, comment on her Instagram and let her know you want to see her with her real hair on The Real: @comiclonilove


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