Cardi B Goes Undercover After ANOTHER Offset Cheating Scandal

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Once again, a cheating scandal has rocked the world of Offset and Cardi B.  Less than a month ago, hacker(s) hacked into Offset’s iCloud account and leaked pictures and video of a him and another woman.

Cardi B was very outspoken about the infidelity and told a Mississippi concert crowd:

I let a ni**a know though. You do that sh*t again, you gon’ lose your wife

Now, another leaked video has surfaced of Offset and yet another woman, dated December 20, 2017.

Cardi B has yet to respond on whether or not Offset has now lost his (future) wife.

Despite Cardi B has making music history, landing her first three singles in Billboard’s Top 10, both separately, then just this week, simultaneously, she has been unusually quiet about Offset’s cheating scandal.

Here she is at Mr. Chow’s looking surprisingly incognito, and not at all like a woman celebrating making musical history.

What do you think? Is Offset making a fool of Cardi B?!

Sadly, despite her success, Maury Povich, seems to think she’s a perfect candidate for his show.