Ray J & Princess Love Try To PROVE Princess Love Is Pregnant NOT Brandy

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Since Moniece claimed that Brandy is carrying her own brother Ray J’s child, Princess Love has been trying to do all she can do to prove she really is pregnant.

via BET:
For months, both Brandy and her sister-in-law, Princess Love, have been fighting off baby rumors. Folks have been speculating that Brandy is pregnant, Princess can’t get pregnant, Brandy is carrying Princess and Ray J’s baby, and everything in between. One person adding fuel to all these rumors is Princess’ enemy from Love & Hip Hop.

Moniece Slaughter, who co-stars with Princess and Ray on the show and has beef with the mom-to-be going back years. Somehow, Mo thinks she has an inside track into the Norwood family’s personal business. She took to Instagram in a now deleted post to confidently claim Brandy is in fact pregnant and is the surrogate for Ray J and Princess Love’s child.
“Here. I’ll answer all of your surrogacy questions for you,” she wrote. “Yes. Brandy is carrying the baby for them. Her hormones must be raging because aside from her already being off her rocker, she’s losing her mind. Send my mom one more text that you claim you sent to me and I guess it’s a fair fade since she’s always publicly denying her pregnancy.”

Brandy didn’t address Moniece directly but she did post a video of herself giving blood. In case you didn’t know, pregnant women can’t give blood.