Lisa Nicole Cloud Issues Press Release About Her Husband’s Cheating

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Not too long ago some really embarrassing audio leaked of Lisa Nicole Cloud, formerly of Married to Medicine fame, leaving a voicemail for her husband Darren’s mistress.  In the audio she calls the woman out her name and even brings her kids into the conversation.

Now to me, bringing her kids into the conversation was just extra and really uncalled for.  I felt worse for her kids than her, because that can really be traumatizing for a child!

In any case, Lisa was on the voicemail trying to get Darren to tell the woman that he was done with her.  And Darren wouldn’t do it! He kept telling her that “she” already told the woman that, so he didn’t need to say anything.

It really sounded like he was checking her to me… but anyway…

Lisa Nicole actually released a press release about the whole situation.  She had her PR person send blog Straight From The A a very lengthy statement that explained her side of things.  Here’s part of what she had to say…

Whew! OK, so Lisa is staying with her husband and there’s no surprise there.  And she’s promoting her businesses, no surprise there either.

Here’s what she had to say on her Instagram…

Happy Sunday! So…I took a little time off social media because it can be a very toxic place. To all my family, friends and fans who sent countless words of love, support and encouragement….thank you and I love you. Your kindness and thoughtfulness means the world to me…..I DONT CLAIM TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. I TAKE LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND HERE IS WHAT I KNOW! … These life lessons are what get me through life and challenging times. Growth is a process. We are all works in progress. Everyday is a new day to be a better person. Everyday we can learn from our mistakes. Never allow the past to predict your future. Remember, people are human and will hurt and disappoint you but keep LOVING. The ability to truly love unconditionally is a gift. The ability to love is not a weakness…it's a blessing. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love sees pass a multitude of sins. Love is selfless. Love the best way you know how cause God loves you. Keep giving even when people are takers. Keep forgiving cause God forgives you. Pray for people who betray you cause they are dealing with their own demons. Hurt people…hurt people. Keep striving cause the best is yet to come. Be lead by God and your inner spirit…and when YOU ARE lead to make a change…Embrace the change and take a leap of FAITH. Cry if you need to…its a cleansing process. Sometimes you have to smile through the tears…and remember this storm too shall pass. Let God carry your burdens. Keep strengthening your faith cause it's your armour against the enemy. Be a Christian and stand boldly on the word. Don't let people who are non believers punk you. Remember it's Christ who strengthens you (not people or opinions of the world). With God as your general no weapon formed against you will ever prosper. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I do know my steps are being divinely ordered. I am blessed and for this I live with gratitude and expectancy of even GREATER tomorrow's. Be blessed. The best is yet to come for Lisa Nicole😘😘😘

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