Peter Thomas Accused of Confronting Cynthia’s New Boo Will Jones | Kenya Moore Quitting RHOA???

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There was SO much tea spilled about the Real Housewives of Atlanta today.  First RadarOnline posted that Peter got into a fight with Cynthia’s new man, Will, at Kandi’s Essence cover party.  According to Radar:

“Peter Thomas confronted Will on camera about rumors that he’s a serial dater and cheater at Kandi [Burruss]‘s Essence Magazine cover party last week,” an insider told Radar.

Peter Thomas confronted Will on camera

“Will quickly denied the claims and left the event shortly after the altercation because he wasn’t comfortable hanging around while the cast discussed his personal life on camera,” the insider added.

Peter Thomas confronted Will on camera

Peter Thomas took to his Instagram, as he always does, to address the fight rumors.

@radargram STOP IT. @sportsoneclt @cluboneclt @bravotv

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Okay, so the fight, argument or whatever you want to call it never happened between Peter and Will.  But something did happen between Kim and Kenya to make Kenya skip this year’s Season trip.

As you all know, every year the girls take a trip to somewhere beautiful and exotic.  And bring ALL their drama with them.  Well, this year the destination was Barcelona.  And Kenya (and Kim, who was scheduled to go) skipped out on the trip!


It should be no surprise that Kim didn’t go since she acts like she halfway doesn’t want to hang out with the other ladies.  But, according to an exclusive report by Tamara Tattles, Kim actually wanted to go this year.  But Kenya prevented her from going by getting producers involved.

Apparently (and allegedly) Kenya is tired of the ladies coming for her and her marriage and playing inspector gadget with her love life.  The ladies have been trying to locate her marriage certificate since news broke that she tied the knot.  And since Kim is the main one antagonizing Kenya about her marriage, Kenya had her pulled from the trip.  Allegedly.

Kim denied this in an Instagram post where she stated she had “choices” and decided to go promote her own show instead of going on the RHOA Season trip.

kim zolciak biermann instagram real housewives of atlanta trip

But then in a weird turn of events, Kenya ended up not going on the trip either!

It’s not clear exactly why Kenya didn’t go on the trip but some are speculating that she actually quit the show! Allegedly the drama between her and the other ladies about her marriage was just too much for her to continue filming.

However, Kenya has exclusively confirmed to Tamara Tattles that she has not quit the show.

I certainly hope not because I do enjoy her antics on this show.