Quantasia Sharpton Planning Major Makeover Including Gastric Sleeve Surgery & Eye Color Change Surgery

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via The Blast:


The woman who accused Usher of allegedly exposing her to an STD says she was fat shamed beyond belief after publicly coming forward, and now says she’s going under the knife to shed the pounds.

A rep for Quantasia Sharpton says she will undergo Gastric Sleeve Surgery.  She currently weighs 420 pounds and is hoping to get down to 160 pounds.  We’re told Dr. Michael Feiz will perform the procedure.

She hired Mama June’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, who helped the “Honey Boo Boo” star get a makeover after she dropped 300 lbs.  Sharpton is hoping for similar results.

When Sharpton first filed her lawsuit against Usher, we’re told she received an avalanche of jokes and shaming regarding her weight.  Many people questioned why Usher would ever be romantically linked to her in the first place.  Sharpton was so devastated by the taunting she decided to get the surgery.

Problem is, doctors told Sharpton she is still too heavy to safely receive the procedure, so she first must drop 75 pounds.

She plans on losing the initial weight the old fashioned way, diet and exercise.


Quantasia has also said that she’d like to permanently change her eye color as well.