EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Ta’Kari Lee On Her Mom ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jackie Christie & Her New Book

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I had a chance to catch up with Takari Lee Christie as she promotes her new book “Lights to Her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story”. Grab a cup of tea/coffee and listen as we talk about her relationship with her mom, Jackie Christie, as well as her step-dad Doug Christie.
You can order her book here: http://takarilchristie.com/
(timestamps below)
We also talk about the rumors that have been spread about her – including her using the Go Fund Me money for “other” things. She also talks about whether she is interested in reality tv herself.

1:10 Relationship with Doug Christie
2:00 Reasons for writing the book
4:00 Why Jackie Christie refused to publish the book
5:30 Why she won’t call Jackie a liar
7:00 Logistics of writing the book
8:45 Jackie threatening to block the book
9:35 Breakfast Club accusations
11:24 How the Go Fund Me money was used
14:25 Interest in reality TV
16:00 Jackie Christie talking negatively about her pregnancy
17:00 Does Jackie financially support her
18:25 Her relationship with Evelyn Lozada
21:00 How she feels about Jackie now

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