Israel Houghton & EX Wife Narrowly Escape Foreclosure

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For those of you who like to keep up with Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton, Bossip is reporting that Israel Houghton just narrowly escaped a foreclosure on the home he owned with his previous wife Meleasa. Bossip reports,

Earlier this year, Deutsche Bank sued Houghton and ex Meleasa to foreclose their one-time family home last week in Harris County, Tx. Court, contending that the father of five hadn’t paid the mortgage in several months. In total, the bank said Houghton owed $89,111.54 from 11 times he was supposed to pay but failed to, according to court papers. In order for Houghton to fix the foreclosure, he’d have to cough up the total amount he owes on the mortgage: $608,654.17, according to court documents obtained by BOSSIP. The exes took out the home loan in 2006, and agreed an adjustable interest rate mortgage with initial monthly payments of $4,687, court documents state.

HOWEVER, Israel Houghton has found a buyer for his mansion, and the home’s proposed sale price will absolve his nearly $90,000 debt on the place, according to public records.  Late last month, the bank filed paperwork to “nonsuit” the Houghton’s – which made them no longer responsible in the suit or for the mortgage debt. The home’s pending sale likely means that the bank will get its money and Israel and Meleasa can simply walk away from the home.

israel houghton meleasa foreclosure adrienne bailon

Sidenote: How come when you Google Meleasa Houghton this picture shows up?

israel houghton meleasa foreclosure adrienne bailon