R Kelly Alleged Hostage Joycelyn Savage Denies Cult Allegations in Video Interview

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One of the alleged “victims” in R Kelly’s “cult of women”, Joycelyn Savage, did this video interview today to deny the allegations that she is being held against her will.  In a press conference earlier today her family spoke out about her situation and claimed that R. Kelly has been holding her against her will for months now.  She says she is there of her own free will and that she does not talk to her family because of the problems they cause.

She refused to specify exactly where she is located, or if she has any roommates.  But she vehemently denied the hostage allegations.  I cannot tell if she was forced to do this video so that people can stop talking about the R. Kelly harem allegations.  Or if she did this video of her own free will.

But I may do a podcast vlog tomorrow and give more of my thoughts on this situation based on some information her alleged college roommate shared with me.

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