The Internet Reacts to Beyonce’s (Photoshopped?) Belly Button in Her Twin Announcement Photo

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Despite the cuteness of Beyonce’s itty bitty twins, I knew some people would be focused on the wrong thing. And I was right. People are so focused, once again, on Beyonce’s belly button.
People are saying her belly button looks very flat and misplaced because it seems to be up too high.
Some people, when they have tummy tucks, come out with their belly button up to high. So people are saying maybe she had plastic surgery. Other people are saying its probably just a bad photoshop job.
Watch the video to see how the Internet is reacting to Beyonce’s post baby belly button.
I, personally, think we need to give Beyonce a break. The girl just delivered twins by c-section, which is no joke. Delivering twins via c-section or vaginally is no joke, honestly. So give the girl a break!
It’s not like she’s using this picture to sell flat tummy tea like Blac Chyna.

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