FINALLY! An Update in the Jasmine Washington v. Kirk Frost Paternity Lawsuit & Jasmine Blasts Kirk AGAIN on Instagram

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Finally! After over six months of trying to serve Kirk Frost, Jasmine Washington was FINALLY able to serve him with her paternity lawsuit which she filed via the Gwinnett County Court System.

After last night’s reunion episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, while many of us were sleeping, Jasmine Bleu took to Instagram to clear up some of the statements made by Kirk Frost.

First of all, Kirk Frost tried to imply that him sleeping with Jasmine was just a one-time thing, and that he wore a condom.  She posted their text messages from 2015 – 2016 to show that it was way more than just a one time thing and that he claimed to actually love her.

She also revealed that not only did he buy the dress she wore for her baby shower.  But he bought it from Rasheeda’s store Pressed!

There are pictures floating around of Rasheeda wearing the same dress that Jasmine is pictured in at her baby shower because Rasheeda often models the clothes that she sells at Pressed.  So it’s clear that Jasmine was not lying, which is what I have been telling y’all all along.