Beyonce & Jay Z Bring Twins Home From the Hospital | Details on Their Birth and Alleged Names

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Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z who reportedly brought their twins home from the hospital on Wednesday, June 21st, according to the Daily Mail.  The twins were allegedly delivered by c-section on Monday, June 12.  And remained in the hospital for just over a week to receive treatment for jaundice.

As of Wednesday, the twins, allegedly named Bea and Shawn Jr., joined their parents and big sister Blue Ivy at their Malibu rental property.  The family is allegedly spending the summer at the $400K a month estate until they find a permanent LA home.

Miss Tina Knowles was seen visiting the home on Wednesday.  No word on when Matthew Knowles will be allowed to visit.

Let’s thank God these babies were able to come home.  And continue to pray for the other babies and children in the hospital that are not quite ready to come home yet.  May God touch their bodies and heal them of whatever is ailing them as well.  In Jesus name, Amen.