Beyonce Twins Still Hospitalized Due to ‘Minor’ Issue

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According to multiple sources Beyonce gave birth to twins on Monday, June 12 in a Los Angeles hospital.  TMZ is reporting that sources close to the Carter family have advised them that a minor issue has occurred that has kept doctors from releasing the twins.  TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the family tell us the twins were born Monday in a Los Angeles hospital. We’re told a “minor issue” surfaced, and as a result … doctors do not feel comfortable releasing them.

The sources also state that Beyonce remains in the hospital, but that she is okay.  And the babies are expected to be okay as well.

I just ask that everyone watching or listening to this video say a prayer for Beyonce & her newborn babies.  As we all know, you can have all the money in the world, but money doesn’t always matter when it comes to issues that affect our health.  I pray that God heals those babies from whatever is affecting them and allows them to come home safe and healthy in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

BTW, they are boy/girl twins.