LHHATL Reunion Paternity Test SPOILER | Jasmine Washington v. Kirk Frost Paternity Court Case Update

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Before I get started I do have to admit that I have not watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for the past few episodes.  I just have no interest in any of the characters anymore.  I usually just catch the recaps from my favorite vloggers on YouTube.  But I have been keeping up with the Kirk Frost v. Jasmine Washington paternity case via the Gwinnett County Court Records.

Now that the LHHATL Reunion has filmed so-called “spoilers” of Kirk Frost’s paternity test results have been released.  And I just want to clear up what’s true and what’s false based on what the court records say.


True: There was a paternity test result revealed at the reunion.

False: That paternity test result proved Kirk Frost to be the father.

Details: The paternity test was actually for Logan, another “potential” father to Jasmine Washington’s son.  He was proven NOT to be the father.  This has lead to further speculation that Kirk Frost is the father, but it does not PROVE he’s the daddy.

Source: Eyewitness account from audience member.

If you remember, Logan confronted Rasheeda in her clothing store and told her that he could be the father and submitted to a DNA test. According to our Roommate, the results were read by Nina Parker and they came back proving that he was not the father!!

Receipts: The Gwinnett County Court records show that the plaintiff, Jasmine Washington, has been trying to have the defendant, Kirk Washington, served for months (since January) and that process servers have not been able to locate Kirk.


lhhatl reunion kirk frost paternity jasmine washington

lhhatl paternity test results kirk frost jasmine washington


So the reunion for this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta may not have answered the question that we all want to know, is Kirk the father.  But to me, his actions over the past few months have said it all.  He was there when the baby was born, but disappeared when Jasmine brought the Love and Hip Hop cameras around.

As far as Rasheeda, I don’t think she wants to know the truth.  In Sheree Whitfields book “Housewives, Girlfriends and Sidechicks of Atlanta” she described how some women just don’t want to know that their man is cheating.  They’d rather live in a fantasy world.