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K. Michelle Shares She Was Assaulted by TSA Agent & How’s She’s Handling It

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K Michelle recently shared on Twitter that she was assaulted by a TSA agent on her way to DC for Memorial Day weekend.

Now this doesn’t surprise me considering how “overboard” airport employees sometimes go in the name of “protecting passengers”.
But it does sadden me, and I hope K. Michelle gets justice.


This lady basically fingered me checking me at TSA. Honestly it was disgusting like she was enjoying it.

My team kept telling her stop touching me like that. It’s like she got off from it.

Wow. She did out of spite. Specifically because it was me.

Ya’ll sometimes this job isn’t worth the headache and thing you have to witness and learn

Someone says: Sorry K…seems I get patted down every time, I agree… most screeners basically violate you! Understand safety…needs to be a better way.

No, there was no patting. She was completely in my vagina, like I felt her finger. I was pre-checked in/priority & had a airport greeter.

Someone: Can you file charges? That’s not right man.

They are on it now. I really feel violated.

I’ve been really tested lately by random people and random things. I used to react and slap people, it’s not worth it. I remain as calm as possible.
Someone: You’ve grown so much I’m proud…but I would’ve went off she would regret every second of it.

I handled that the legal way the right way.