Brandy Dating Sir the Baptist Just for Publicity

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Brandy dating Sir the Baptist, a half-singing rapper, may just be for publicity.

I love me some Brandy. Lord knows I do! Even before she did Moesha, I used to love her character on Thea, especially when she sang!


As I’ve followed her career it’s saddened me to see some of the choices she’s made in her love life.  When she had the baby with Robert Smith and did the MTV special, I knew something was wrong with the way he interacted with her.

brandy baby daddy robert smith

So when it came out that they were not really married, I wasn’t surprised.  I was sad that she felt the need to lie.  But I was not surprised because he didn’t act like he loved her.

Fast forward

Remember her engagement to Ryan Press? I was actually happy for her to have found love.  And I really thought they were going to get married.  Then it came out that they were going their separate ways, and again I felt bad for Brandy.  Why can’t she find love???

brandy and ryan press engagement relationship breakup


Brandy Dating Sir the Baptist

Apparently here unlucky in love streak is continuing because it is now being reported that the man that she recently announces that she is in a relationship with, is not really with her!

Brandy dating Sir the Baptist instagram pic

Sir the Baptist first posted this pic of him and Brandy on his Instagram. Then Brandy posted the pic below.

Brandy dating Sir the Baptist for publicity

Later he posted the same pic identifying Brandy as “his girl”.

Brandy dating Sir the Baptist for pr stunt

However, Fameolous is exclusively reporting that Sir The Baptist may just be using Brandy to promote his new album.  Sip this tea slowly and let it sink in…

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist


The Lyft receipt shows the tipster was picked up and dropped off by a driver named Tricia.  And the tipster says that during that trip Tricia mentioned that she had kids with Sir the Baptist.

Sir the Baptist’s brother, who confirmed the relationship in this Instagram post…

Fameolous Brandy Sir the Baptist

is allegedly in on the PR stunt.  And is supporting his brother.  But in my opinion, the fact that Sir the Baptist released his album immediately after announcing his relationship with Brandy is suspect.

Brandy Sir the Baptist new album release saints and sinners


Album out!!!!!!!

A post shared by Sir William James The Baptist (@sirthebaptist) on

I wouldn’t be surprised if this Sir the Baptist guy is just using our girl Brandy for publicity.  I don’t know if Brandy is also in on the PR stunt, but I doubt it considering the public breakups that she has already been through.

Maybe I’m wrong about this guy and  he’s not just using Brandy, and his sacrilegious moniker to bring attention to his music.

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