Cynthia Bailey Reportedly Fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta

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OK so rumor has it that Cynthia has beed FIRED from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  MTO is reporting that one of their show insiders revealed the news to them today.

“Usually we wait until after the reunion show to fire the ladies, but [the producers] want to sign new housewives (aka NeNe) soon – so they’re making budget moves early.”


If this is true, it doesn’t surprise me at all!! Cynthia’s husband, Peter, has always been crucial to making her storyline interesting.  Without their wedding and marriage woes, her story line really doesn’t interest many people.  So with their marriage ending, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Cynthia’s time was up.


But let’s face it, Cynthia has all but said that she is ready to leave the show.  Whenever the girls are all assembled and the drama begins, Cynthia is the first to want to leave.  Just last week when Kandi and Porsha were getting into it about drugs and dungeons, Cynthia was just as ready to leave as Kandi!

And she has also said in her confessionals that the recurring themes this season (breasts, vaginas and lesbians) are just too much for her.

I take what these ladies say at face value.  Like when Phaedra “jokes” that she wants Porsha to come on to her – I believe it! And when Cynthia says all of this MESS is too much for her, I believe her!

So she may have been crying when she was told the news, as reported by MTO. But I don’t think she was up for another season anyway.

Now as to who else may be fired…time will tell.  Kandi has admitted to not being sure if she WANTS to return.  But I doubt they are considering passing Kandi a pink slip considering the drama and comedy that her and her family bring to the show.

In my opinion, Porsha’s peach is in jeopardy ya’ll.  The criminal accusations she made this season make her a liability for the show, and I’m not sure if Bravo is going to keep her.