Mariah & Momma Lucy Go In On Heavenly & Jackie on FB Live After the Married to Medicine Reunion Pt 2

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(Open for timestamps) Mariah, her momma and her sister went in on Heavenly and some of the other ladies after the Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion tonight.
1 – 5:00 first 5 minutes show her daughter who is getting big!
5:47 Lake & Mariah address Dr Heavenly talking about Momma Lucy
6:25 Mariah talks about Dr. Jackie not acknowledging her step-daughter
7:54 Momma Lucy READS Dr. Jackie for calling Mariah unintelligent then goes in on Dr Heavenly for talking about her (Momma Lucy)
10:45 Mariah answers viewers questions about Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie and how they insulted her at the reunion
14:20 Momma Lucy goes off about the other cast members “gang banging” Mariah =0
17:30 Mariah explains when she hit below the belt with Quad
20:00 Mariah and her sister Lake talk about Dr Jackie playing the male role in her household
23:00 Momma Lucy, Lake & Mariah talk about Dr Heavenly calling Momma Lucy names at the reunion
26:00 Lake calls Lisa Nicole lame
28:51 Lake calls Toya messy and a “dufus on tv”
31:00 Mariah talks about her real life “storylines” that they show didn’t show, like her looking for a surrogate, Momma Lucy having a stroke, Lake almost dying and Mariah’s dad dying
32:30 Mariah addresses Heavenly saying that Mariah sold the show and says Heavenly had to lose weight for Bravo to put her on the show because she wasn’t “snatched” the first season
36:00 Mariah talks about not being in the opening credits and her sister Lake breaks down the ratings with and without Mariah on the show
Normally I would just show the highlights but Mariah and her family really had a LOT to say tonight and it deserves to be seen in context.