Kanye West Meets with Donald Trump [video] Will Kanye Perform at Trump’s Presidential Inauguration?

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Minutes ago Kanye West had a 15 minute sit down with President-elect Donald Trump. Kanye West requested the meeting and Trump agreed to meet with him since they are “long-time friends”.

kanye-west-meets-with-donald-trump-kanye-perform-at-presidential-inauguration-career-suicide kanye-west-meets-with-donald-trump-kanye-perform-at-presidential-inauguration-in-january kanye-west-meets-with-donald-trump-kanye-perform-at-presidential-inauguration
Since Donald Trump’s transition team is looking for performers for the January 20, 2017 Presidential Inauguration it is possible that they discussed Kanye West performing.

kanye-west-meets-with-donald-trump-kanye-perform-at-presidential-inauguration-talks kanye-west-meets-with-donald-trump-towers-kanye-perform-presidential-inauguration

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