Phaedra Was Being Honest! Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s Divorce is FINALIZED

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It turns out Phaedra was actually being honest about being officially divorced from Apollo. Last month she told TMZ’s Raq Rants that her divorce was final:

But then on December 2, Apollo filed for divorce, which made people think her divorce actually wasn’t final.

Since Apollo’s divorce petition could easily be found on the Fulton Country website and Phaedra’s divorce petition could not be located, it made people believe Apollo. And it appeared that the two were not divorced and that Apollo was actually the one seeking the divorce, especially since he has a new “fiance”.

But it turns out Apollo was actually served in March, while he was behind bars of course.  And Apollo requested additional time to review the documents.  Apollo was granted the additional time BUT he never actually responded.

So the judge granted Phaedra the divorce WITHOUT Apollo’s signature.

The judge granted Phaedra Parks petition for divorce WITHOUT Apollo Nida's signature
The judge granted Phaedra Parks petition for divorce WITHOUT Apollo Nida’s signature

The divorce documents include a parenting plan. Phaedra gets full custody of their two children while Apollo finishes his 8 year bid (which I think will be much shorter.) When he is released he will be granted visitation with the children but Phaedra will have final say over any parenting disagreements.



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