Donald Trump is President, But God Is Still In Control!!

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Eventhough I am a person of faith, my stomach was in knots watching last night’s US Presidential election coverage.  I tried to watch it on ABC News instead of Fox, which is pro-Trump, because I just didn’t want to hear the Republican rhetoric.  But no matter what station I watched, the news was the sam.  Trump won. Big.

Congratulations to him.  And I say that knowing that he campaigned on people’s fears and insecurities about their place in this world.  He galvanized a LOT of poor white people that indeed want to “make America great again.”  But when was America ever great for Black people?

Anyway, my faith in God allows me to accept Trump as President.  And I will be praying for him DAILY. Why? Because he needs it!!!

I pray God humbles him in the most effective way possible.  And I pray God gives him a love for people like he’s never had before.  And I pray through Trump, other people see how God can change a man and use him for the glory of God.

But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”