Infamous Pink Panther Gang May Have Robbed Kim Kardashian of her most Precious Jewels

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The Daily Mail is reporting that it is very likely that Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed by the infamous Pink Panther gang.

The Pink Panthers are a loose network of about 200 thieves that are known for their precision and minimal use of violence in their jewelry heists. That M.O. matches exactly what happened with the Kim Kardashian robbery.  They knew exactly when she would be alone (her security guard was out with Kourtney) and no one was physically harmed in the attack.

The concierge, who was the only “security” present, was tied up and gabbed and stuffed in a cupboard. And Kim Kardashian was also bound and gag. It is being reported that she begged for her life and reminded them that she had kids at home.

Due to their strong network, the Pink Panther gang has likely already fled France and sold her jewels, which likely included her wedding ring.