Fantasia & Her Husband Respond to “All Lives Matter” Concert Backlash

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It’s a shame how we let semantics separate us.

definition of semantics

Just because people say “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that White lives don’t.  And just because people say “All Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that Black lives don’t.  The two phrases are not mutually exclusive of each other.  In fact, Black Lives Matter BECAUSE all lives matter.  And All Lives Matter BECAUSE Black lives matter.  I’m sure you get it.  But for some people, especially…

people intimately involved in race relations, the two phrases could not be more different.  And that is because of the meaning that people have attached to each phrase.  Some (mostly White people) have attached the meaning ONLY Black Lives Matter to the BLM Movement.  Which I think is outrageous!  And other people have attached the meaning “White Lives Matter” to the phrase “All Lives Matter” and are using that phrase to counter the Black Lives Matter Movement.  With all this confusion it’s no surprise that people were in an uproar over Fantasia Barrino’s use of the phrase “All Lives Matter” to promote her peace concert in Charlotte.

Fantasia "All Lives Matter" promo
Fantasia “All Lives Matter” promo

Anthony Hamilton, Gospel Artist John P. Kee and Dennis Reed were advertised as performers.  But Anthony Hamilton apparently was not aware that the phrase “All Lives Matter” would be used on the promos and he pulled out of the concert.  He actually penned a letter for The Root explaining his stance on the Black Lives Matter Movement, check out an excerpt here:


I am a father of six black males: three young men ages 19 to 27 and three young sons under age 6. My sons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When we speak out against blatant injustices, trolls rise from the shadows and accuse us of being anti-police.

Fantasia and her husband took to Facebook to explain their thinking when they decided to use the phrase “All Lives Matter.”  Fantasia’s husband wants to know “what kind of flyer do you want?!?!”